A collection of useful plugins that do additional jobs

FormValidation comes with various built-in plugins listed in the alphabetical order, split into two groups as following:

Core plugins

These plugins are often used and included in the dist/js/FormValidation(.min).js file. You don't need to include any external plugin file to use them.

Name Description
Alias Allow to use multiple instances of the same validator
Aria Add ARIA attributes based on the field validity
AutoFocus Focus on the first invalid element when submit form
Declarative Provide the ability of declaring validator options via HTML attributes
DefaultSubmit Submit the form if all fields are valid after validating
Excluded Ignore validations on particular field
Icon Display various icons based on the field validity
Message Display error message
Sequence Stop performing remaining validators if there is a validator that the field does not pass
SubmitButton Automatically validate the form when pressing its Submit button
Tooltip Show error message in a tooltip
Trigger Indicate the events which the validation will be executed

External plugins

You don't need all external plugins most of the times. So, you have to include them right after the dist/js/FormValidation(.min).js file in your page.

Name Description
Bootstrap Integrate with Bootstrap v4 framework
Bootstrap 3 Integrate with Bootstrap framework
Bulma Integrate with Bulma framework
Foundation Integrate with Foundation framework
J Use FormValidation as a jQuery plugin
L10n Support multiple locales for error messages
Mailgun Validate an email address by using Mailgun API
MandatoryIcon Show required icons for mandatory fields
Materialize Integrate with Materialize framework
Milligram Integrate with milligram framework
Mini Integrate with mini.css framework
Mui Integrate with MUI framework
Pure Integrate with Pure library
Recaptcha Shows and validates a Google reCAPTCHA v2
Semantic Integrate with Semantic UI framework
Shoelace Integrate with Shoelace library
Spectre Integrate with Spectre framework
StartEndDate Validate start and end dates
Tachyons Integrate with Tachyons library
Transformer Modify the field value before doing validation
Turret Integrate with turretcss framework
Uikit Integrate with UIKit framework
Wizard Support validating multiple steps form