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It's a REAL form actually.
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Scalable, well tested code base

  • 👍 Completely rewritten in ES6.
  • 👍 Type safety. Entire codebase is written in TypeScript.
  • 👍 High code quality via popular analysis tools such as TSLint.
  • 👍 Zero dependencies. No jQuery.
  • ES6
  • TypeScript
  • 👌 All validators, algorithms, and APIs are tested carefully with +400 Mocha unit tests.
  • 👌 Cover hundreds of end-to-end test cases against Selenium server with Nightwatch.js framework.
  • Mocha
  • Nightwatch

Rich set of validators

  • 👍 Provide a rich set of validators to cover most various types of form field.
  • 👍 Develop and reuse your own validator easily.
  • 👍 Support sync and async validators.

All validators can be used independently. Inspried by functional programming paradigm, all built in validators are just functions. So you can use it in browser or with ES6 module, server side frameworks such as Express:

Plugin architecture

The giant and old jQuery plugin doesn't exist anymore. With the new plugin based architectue, the library has really small core. Everything else is built around as a plugin.

Friendly UX

  • 👍 Can it notify user while field is being validated?
  • 👍 Can it stop performing remaining validators if there is a validator that the field does not pass?
  • 👍 Can it perform the validation only when the field value exceed a given number of characters?
  • 👍 Can it postpone the validation for a given number of seconds from the moment user stops fill in the field?

Yes! FormValidation provides a built in mechanism to support these requirements.

You can adjust almost everything:
  • 👌 The error icon position
  • 👌 The location of error message
  • 👌 Their colors when the field is valid or invalid
  • 👌 Support dynamic field
  • 👌 The validator can be enabled or disabled on the fly
  • 👌 Provide a lot of events that you can hook on
The default error messages of built-in validators are available in 39 language packages. There is also a plugin to support switching between different locales easily.

Support any form, CSS framework

FormValidation is designed to support validating any form that uses or doesn't use with CSS framework. In addition to that, the library provides many built-in plugins which you can plug to use with popular CSS frameworks:

Compatible with JavaScript frameworks

FormValidation can be used with popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Preact, Vue, Svelte, etc.

Integrate with UI libraries

FormValidation plays nicely with other libraries. It has useful APIs to integrate with another libraries.

By using the same principle, you can easily integrate it with any UI library out there. To name a few:

Auto complete
  • 👉 autoComplete.js
  • 👉 Typeahead
Color pickers
  • 👉 pickr
Date pickers
  • 👉 Bootstrap Datepicker
  • 👉 flatpickr
  • 👉 pickadate
  • 👉 Pikaday
  • 👉 CKEditor
  • 👉 Summernote
  • 👉 TinyMCE
Tags input
  • 👉 Choices
  • 👉 Chosen
  • 👉 Select2
  • 👉 Selectize
  • 👉 tagify

Supported browsers

FormValidation works with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 is supported as well.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11

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Validation plugin for Bootstrap from @formvalidation. Give it a try, looks great!


You saved my day @formvalidation


Be sure to check out Bootstrap Validator. It's the best I've found.


Money well spent. A must have plug-in if you use Bootstrap regularly.


Just grabbed FormValidation license. It's perfect for #bootstrap projects. Very worth.


Buy a license for @formvalidation. It's best tool I ever used.


Just bought a copy of - looks extremely well built and is designed to work with bootstrap!


Awesome jQuery plugin for form validation @formvalidation #jquery #FormValidation.


Wow, Its Very Awesome for Form Validation I Recommend use it <3 @formvalidation


Just had a fantastic development experience with @formvalidation using @twbootstrap and @jquery. You're a champion!


Fantastic support from @formvalidation. Several emails back and forth and completely sorted within a couple of hours. #worthpraising


AMAZING solution and very declarative source code. This is TOP support! Keep on doing the good work. I became a fan!



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