emailAddress validator

Validate an email address


Using with form field

The HTML attributes are used to set the validator options via the Declarative plugin

Name HTML attribute Type Description
message data-fv-email-address___message String The error message
multiple data-fv-email-address___multiple String Allow multiple email addresses, separated by a comma or semicolon. The default value is false
separator data-fv-email-address___separator String Regex for character or characters expected as separator between addresses. By default, it is /[,;]/, i.e. comma or semicolon


This validator passes an empty field since the field might be optional. If the field is required, then use the notEmpty validator

You also can use the remote validator to connect and validate the email address on the server. The Mailgun plugin demonstrates how to do this.

Using with ES6 module

Basic Example

You can click on sample to see if it's a valid or invalid email address.

Sample Is valid?
"much.more unusual"
"very.(),:;<>[]".VERY."very@\ "very".unusual"
" "
this is"
this still"not\

HTML5 Example

When the Declarative plugin is used, the emailAddress validator will be enabled automatically when using HTML5 type="email" attribute.

ES6 Module Example

The following snippet shows how to use the emailAddress validator with ES6 module:

More examples

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