Version v1.7.0

Released 01st October 2020

New features

  • Add new plugin Recaptcha3Token that sends the reCaptcha v3 token to the back-end when the form is valid
  • Provide TypeScript definition files for es6 and UMD packages
  • Core provides new method setFieldOptions() to set the options for given field


It's useful in case we have an external button which is outside of the form:

We pass the new buttons option to the SubmitButton plugin. It is a function that accepts the current form element, and returns the list of button elements.

By default, the buttons option will query all submit buttons (type="submit") inside the form.

The selector option is removed.

Bug fixes

Breaking changes

Upgrading to v1.7.0

  • From v0.8.1 and older versions: Follow the Upgrading to v1.0.0 guide.
  • From v1.0.0: Download the new version and replace the old files with new files in v1.7.0.

If you are using the selector of SubmitButton plugin, then you need to replace it with the buttons option.