Version v1.6.0

Released 06th February 2020

New features

  • Add new amd package that you can use with RequireJS
  • The Trigger plugin adds a new filter named plugins-trigger-should-validate. We can use it to determine the field is validated automatically when the value is changed or not.


  • AutoFocus's onPrefocus option provides the access to the field name
  • The Recaptcha3 plugin adds new minimum score option. The backend verification will be treated as invalid if the returned score doesn't exceed this option
  • The Recaptcha3 plugin can return an error message from the backend verification
  • The Wizard plugin adds new API to go to the previous or next steps. It's useful when users want to go to the next step automatically, for example, after choosing a checkbox or radio button.
  • The L10n plugin supports localized error message in custom validator:

Bug fixes

Breaking changes

Upgrading to v1.6.0

  • From v0.8.1 and older versions: Follow the Upgrading to v1.0.0 guide.
  • From v1.0.0: Download the new version and replace the old files with new files in v1.6.0.

If you are using the getStatues of FieldStatus plugin, then you need to change to getStatuses.