The latest version v1.5.0

Released 10th July 2019

New features

New FieldStatus plugin

The FieldStatus plugin tracks the field status, and allows us to perform an action when a field status is changed.

In the following code snippet, we can disable or enable the Submit button based on the validity of all fields:

New PasswordStrength plugin

Powered by the zxcvbn library, the PasswordStrength plugin can be used to check the strength of a password.

New Recaptcha3 plugin

There are some users asking for supporting Google reCAPTCHA v3, and the answer is the new Recaptcha3 plugin.


The previous version, Google reCAPTCHA v2, is still supported by the Recaptcha plugin


Bug fixes

Fix ASP.Net integration issue

Fix an issue that the click handler of submit button of ASP.Net form isn't executed. Now you can fix it easily with new aspNetButton option provided by the SubmitButton plugin:

Breaking changes

  • It is not possible to use Status from this version, so please replace Status with the corresponding value. For example: FormValidation.Status.Validating must be replaced with string of 'Validating'.
  • The AutoFocus plugin now is an external plugin

Upgrading to v1.5.0

  • From v0.8.1 and older versions: Follow the Upgrading to v1.0.0 guide.
  • From v1.0.0: Download the new version and replace the old files with new files in v1.5.0.

Replacing Status with corresponding value:

Replace With
FormValidation.Status.Ignored 'Ignored'
FormValidation.Status.Invalid 'Invalid'
FormValidation.Status.NotValidated 'NotValidated'
FormValidation.Status.Valid 'Valid'
FormValidation.Status.Validating 'Validating'

If you are using the AutoFocus plugin, then you need to insert its script:

Download v1.5.0