Version v1.3.0

Released 10 August 2018

New features

New Excluded plugin

The Excluded plugin allows you to indicate fields which won't be validated. It severs the same functionality as the excluded option in v0.8.1 and earlier versions.

New Wizard plugin

The Wizard plugin supports validating multiple steps form:

This version provides new onPrefocus option in the AutoFocus. This option is useful when you want to activate the tab containing the first invalid field.

Bug fixes

Upgrading to v1.3.0

  • From v0.8.1 and older versions: Follow the Upgrading to v1.0.0 guide
  • From v1.0.0: Just download the new version and replace the old files in v1.0.0 with new files in v1.3.0.
Download v1.3.0