Version 0.5.3

Released 05 November 2014

New features


  • The color validator only accepts 6 hex character values when using HTML 5 type='color' attribute
  • Comma separator handling in greaterThan, lessThan validators
  • Replace ',' with '.' to validate decimal numbers correct
  • Put tooltip/popover on bottom if there is not enough space on top
  • The remote validator allows to set data options via HTML attributes
  • Enable validator when setting data-bv-validatorname="data-bv-validatorname"
  • Requires jQuery 1.9.1 or higher

Bug fixes

  • Fix double submit with defered validators
  • Tooltip/popover isn't destroyed when the field is valid
  • The field is validated only one time when setting trigger: 'blur', container: 'tooltip'
  • Fix isValidField() and validateField() methods for fields without validators
  • Fix the issue when using multiple fields with same name, the tooltip of the last element is always shown
  • The event isn't triggered if verbose is set to false
  • The verbose option for field doesn't override the form level