Version 0.4.0

Released 03 April 2014

New features

  • Set validator option by using HTML 5 attributes
  • Support HTML 5 input types:
HTML 5 attribute Equivalent validator
min="..." greaterThan validator
max="..." lessThan validator
maxlength="..." stringLength validator
pattern="..." regexp validator
required notEmpty validator
type="color" color validator
type="email" emailAddress validator
type="range" between validator
type="url" uri validator


  • disableSubmitButtons() is now marked as a public API
  • The first parameter of updateStatus() method now accepts the field name only


  • The regexp validator allows to pass a string
  • Support multiple elements with the same name
  • Do not validate hidden (type="hidden") and invisible element

Bug fixes

  • Submit button remains disabled after calling custom submitHandler and the form is valid
  • The fields.[fieldName].message option is not used when showing the error message