FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

FormValidation v0.8.0 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha and Foundation 6



This version of FormValidation works with the latest versions of supported frameworks, including:

  • #512: Foundation v6
  • #616: Bootstrap v4 (alpha 2) by setting framework: 'bootstrap4'
  • PureCSS v0.6.0
  • Semantic UI v2.1.8
  • UIKit v2.26.3


If you want to try Bootstrap 4 alpha 2 or still want to use Foundation 5, you need to follow the upgrading to v0.8.0 guide


  • #536, #613: The creditCard validator now supports more card types (Dankort, Elo, Forbrugsforeningen, Maestro International, Visa Electron)
  • #546: The ip validator now supports CIDR notation
  • #556: Return more information of the file validator result, so user can display associated message if the selected file doesn't match given extension, type or size
  • #607: Pass validator along to the status.field.fv event

Bug fixes

  • #315, #600: Using formnovalidate attribute causes IE to send two postbacks to server, thanks to @dtkujawski
  • #364, #593, #611: Form cannot submit with live mode disabled (live: 'disabled') and form has some radios/checkboxes
  • #488: Fix an exception when calling destroy() if a field is replaced manually
  • #501: The cvv validator doesn't work properly if we transform the credit card value
  • #599: The phone validator should accept valid US phones such as 999 999 9999