FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

FormValidation v0.7.1 Released


New features

  • #266: Add new priority option that allows to set the validator execution order
  • #275: Add rst.field.fv and rst.form.fv events that are triggered after calling resetField() and resetForm() methods, respectively
  • #291: The regexp validator provides new flags option to use in declarative mode
  • #313: The remote validator supports synchronous via new async option
  • #393: The id validator now supports Turkish identification number


  • #245: The mac validator now supports all formats of IEEE 802 standards
  • #256: Support UIKit form-password component
  • #308: The fields of fields option provided by the different validator can be separated by a comma with or without a space
  • #312: The phone validator adds support for (123) 456-7890 US phone numbers

Bug fixes

  • #311: Fix an issue caused by the date validator when the min, max options follows the same format as format
  • #324: The numeric validator accepts numbers without a preceding zero
  • #395: The ein validator now supports identification numbers that start with "47-"
  • #410: Fix the typo in German language package
  • #465: The updateMessage() method doesn't work properly if the selector contains multiple class names