FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

FormValidation v0.6.2 Released



  • Add new promise validator
  • Add STATUS_IGNORED status. The field will be ignored for the current validation if the validator returns null

New features

  • iban validator adds new sepa option that requires the IBAN number must be (or not) from the SEPA countries
  • iban validator now supports East Timor, Kosovo countries


  • date validator supports dot (.) separator for European countries
  • #57, #82: iban validator will return false if the country is not supported
  • #62: Allow to use callback for field's excluded option
  • #91: Skip validation on button using formnovalidate attribute
  • Add more examples for iban test suite
  • The field container and its feedback icon don't have success/error class if all field validators are disabled

Bug fixes

  • #47: Spanish VAT validator doesn't work with some examples
  • #48: Override the options when adding field
  • #50: The Brazilian ID (CPF) number must have 11 digits
  • The updateMessage() method must return the plugin instance for chaining
  • When calling resetField(true) and resetForm(true) methods, the field need be reset value before updating the status