FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

FormValidation v0.6.1 Released



  • #467: Add dataType, crossDomain, validKey options for remote validator.

It's possible to use remote validator to connect to external validator API, such as MailGun (#1315).

  • #1357: In addition to Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Semantic, UIKit, v0.6.1 provides the ability of supporting custom framework

New features


  • #1327: remote validator fails if Ajax request fails
  • #1427: Update Netherlands phone number validator, thanks to @DiederikLascaris
  • Add plugin instance to the 3rd parameter of transformer callback
  • Add Grunt task that runs the jasmine test suites

Bug fixes

This version fixed the isValid() method which should return null when there is not validated or being validated field. It also solves the issues where the submit button is disabled even when the form is valid.

  • #962, #1318: remote validator and isValid() combined do not work
  • #1160: Submit button is disabled
  • #1171: Submit button being disabled
  • #1220: Can only submit form after changing a value
  • #1221, #1344: Remote validation trigger err.form.fv
  • #1394: Submit incorrectly enabled even though form has errors

Other issues are fixed in this version:

  • #1107, #1279, #1280, #1419: Show the validating icon when the field is being validated
  • #1282: Reset checkbox when calling resetForm() method
  • #1320: Fix Slovakia phone number validator
  • #1343, #1369: Fix the issue where custom validator doesn't provide default message
  • #1379: Don't continue if there is no validators attached to fields
  • #1387: transformer option doesn't work with notEmpty validator
  • #1389: Fix isValidContainer() and validateContainer() methods to support fields with the same name


Language packages

  • #1381: Update Slovak language package, thanks to @PatrikGallik
  • #1400: Update Belgian Dutch language package, thanks to @jdt
  • #1432: Fix some typos in the Hungarian translation, thanks to @blackfyre