FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

FormValidation v0.6.0 Released


New name

From v0.6.0, the plugin has new name: FormValidation. It supports validating form created by many frameworks including

Upgrading guide shows the step by step instructions to upgrade from v0.5.3 to v0.6.0


  • #744: Add transformer option, allowing to hook the value of field before validating
  • #1131: Support add-on
  • #1204: Support Zurb Foundation framework
  • #1210: Support UI Kit framework
  • #1211: Support Semantic UI framework
  • #1212: Support Pure framework

New features


  • #1167: Remove hexColor validator. Use color validator instead
  • #1272: Change event error.x.x to err.x.x to avoid window.onerror being invoked by jQuery
  • Remove tab behavior from base class


  • #883: Look for the field inside form first when using selector, thanks to @drebrez
  • #908, #1156: Add allowEmptyProtocol option to set optional protocol in uri validator, thanks to @krecik
  • #914, #1035, #1163: Improve identical validator, thanks to @jazzzz
  • #1037: Show the credit card icon based on its type
  • #1083, #1092: Showing tooltip/popover when moving over or clicking the feedback icon (Bootstrap 3.3.0), thanks to @Arkni
  • #1137: Use jQuery instead of window.jQuery
  • #1154: Allow to reuse data which is returned by the validator
  • #1177: Don't need to set the different validator for both fields
  • #1186, #1188: Improve the CPF validator, thanks to @igorescobar
  • #1197: Add sample data for CPF validator, thanks to @dgmike
  • #1207: Improve Spanish phone validator, thanks to @ethernet-zero
  • #1218: Improve Slovenian vat number validator, thanks to @Glavic
  • #1224: Improve tooltip style when working with Semantic UI form, thanks to @Arkni
  • #1226: Fix destroying Semantic UI popup, thanks to @Arkni
  • #1239: Fix typo in UIKit class, thanks to @Arkni
  • #1252: Validators return true for not supported countries
  • #1255, #1258: Support to use a Date object as value for min and max options, thanks to @Arkni
  • #1261: Improve cvv validator
  • #1268: uri validator gets slower if more than 25 characters
  • The isValidContainer() method should return null if the container consists of at least one field which is not validated yet or being validated

Bug fixes

  • #1101: The cusip validator doesn't work
  • #1102: Fix the date validator issue where accepts 2014-11-1 23: as valid YYYY-MM-DD h:m date
  • #1105: The color validator doesn't provide html5Attributes mapping
  • #1125, #1136: Update Brazil ID validator to support working with Mask plugin, thanks to @jonasesteves
  • #1243: Fix the icon without label class
  • #1267: identical validator allows to compare with any input
  • #1274: Fix validateContainer() to use map value instead of key, thanks to @jasonblalock
  • #1279, #1280: Show the validating icon when the field is being validated, thanks to @tmaly1980
  • #1292: Fix bug of US phone number validator


Language packages

  • #1150: Add Catalan language package, thanks to @ArnauAregall
  • #1216, #1248: Add Slovak language package, thanks to @budik21
  • #1217, #1247: Update Czech language package, thanks to @budik21
  • #1225: Add Finnish language package, thanks to @traone
  • #1246: Add Hindi language package, thanks to @gladiatorAsh
  • #1321: Add Basque language package, thanks to @xabikip


Thanks to contributors: