FormValidation v0.8.1 is released, supports Bootstrap 4 alpha 3

BootstrapValidator v0.5.2 Released


New features

  • #480: Add verbose option, thanks to @mbezhanov
  • #542, #666: Add blank validator, thanks to @bermo
  • #617: Add init and destroy methods to validator
  • #724: Add Venezuelan VAT number (RIF) validator, thanks to @paquitodev
  • #739: Add China phone number validator, thanks to @caijh
  • #743: Add Venezuela phone number validator, thanks to @paquitodev
  • #760: Add Romania phone number validator, thanks to @adrian-dks
  • #761: Add Romania postal code validator, thanks to @adrian-dks
  • #785: Add Denmark phone number validator, thanks to @emilchristensen
  • #787: Add Thailand phone number and ID validator, thanks to @figgaro
  • #793, #798: Add Chinese citizen ID validator, thanks to @shamiao
  • #802: Add Russia phone number validator, thanks to @cylon-v. #816: Improved by @stepin
  • #816: Add Russian postal code validator, thanks to @stepin
  • #867: Add Czech and Slovakia phone number and postal code validators, thanks to @cuchac


  • #753: Change the default type of remote validator to GET


  • #249, #574, #669: Add delay option to the remote validator, thanks to @q-state
  • #345, #454: The different validator allows more than a 2-way comparison, thanks to @AlaskanShade
  • #557, #569: The container option can be defined by a callback, thanks to @mattrick
  • #570: Use CSS classes instead of inline styling to fix icons with input-group, thanks to @dlcrush
  • #578, #813: The stringLength validator supports HTML 5 minlength attribute, thanks to @emilchristensen
  • #675: The emailAddress validator accepts multiple email addresses, thanks to @kenny-evitt
  • #716, #765: Reuse data returned by callback, remote, custom validators
  • #734: The uri validator adds support for custom protocol, thanks to @bcamarneiro
  • #737: Support VAT number without prefixing by country code
  • #754: Support latest Bootstrap when using tooltip/popover to show the message
  • #783: Improve behaviour of the different validator
  • #792: Add "BootstrapValidator's JavaScript requires jQuery" warning, thanks to @Arkni
  • #803: Add minSize option for the file validator, thanks to @Arkni
  • #824: Add phone number validator test suite

Bug fixes

  • #611, #703: Tabs get red even form is valid
  • #612, #740, #741: Fix the emailAddress issue which email@server is not valid email address, thanks to @kromit
  • #687, #711: Keep disabled validators VALID, thanks to @talberti
  • #725: Fix the issue when adding field which does not exist but is already set in "fields" option
  • #732: Fix the issue when removing the radio or checkbox field
  • #746: The form is still submitted when clicking on submit button which is set onclick="return false;"
  • #758: Using notEmpty validator with type="number"
  • #759, #764: The tooltip/popover isn't shown if there is disabled validator. The tooltip/popover is shown automatically when the field gets the focus, thanks to @leedorian
  • #797, #799: Can't validate ipv4 and ipv6 at the same time. Add ip validator test suite, thanks to @Arkni
  • #816: Fix Russian VAT number validator, thanks to @stepin
  • #832: The form won't be validated if the submit button contains a HTML tag


Language packages

  • #706: Japanese language package, thanks to @tsuyoshifujii
  • #712: Swedish language package, thanks to @ulsa
  • #727: Belgium (French) language package, thanks to @neilime
  • #729: Persian (Farsi) language package, thanks to @i0
  • #779: Romanian language package, thanks to @filipac
  • #787: Thai language package, thanks to @figgaro
  • #788: Fully re-translated Simplified Chinese language package, thanks to @shamiao
  • #795: Re-translated traditional Chinese language package, thanks to @tureki
  • #802: Russian language package, thanks to @cylon-v. #816: Improved by @stepin
  • #806: Ukrainian language package, thanks to @oleg-voloshyn
  • #840: Serbian language package, thanks to @markocrni
  • #856: Norwegian language package, thanks to @trondulseth
  • #868: Indonesian language package, thanks to @egig

Upgrade from v0.5.x to v0.5.2

If you don't use the remote validator, just download v0.5.2 package and override the CSS/JS bundle.

Otherwise, please indicate the type option when using remote validator:

    fields: {
        username: {
            message: 'The username is not valid',
            validators: {
                // The validator will create an Ajax request
                // sending { username: 'its value' } to the back-end
                remote: {
                    message: 'The username is not available',
                    url: '/path/to/backend/',
                    type: 'GET'     // or 'POST'


Thanks to 30 contributors: